Each year, Paparazzi releases a premier line of jewelry called the Zi Collection. It’s heavier and bolder than the cornerstone line of Paparazzi Accessories, and it’s sold at a higher price point than the famous $5 jewelry. It’s also limited-edition. The Zi Collection was once only available to consultants that attended Convention in Las Vegas. The pieces could not be sold to anybody, not even fellow consultants. In 2017, the powers that be at Paparazzi decided to make these necklaces available for sale for the first time.

Each Fall since then, 20 necklaces have been made available for all consultants and customers to purchase. Additionally, 10 bracelets are available for consultants to purchase at Convention, but they are not available for purchase by customers. (#perks) When the 2019 pieces were released in September, the 2018 pieces went into the infamous “vault”… never to be seen again. *cue creepy music*

While I LOVE my $5 jewelry, I’m CRAZY about the Zi Collection. Statement necklaces are my jam and it doesn’t get any more statement than the Paparazzi Zi Collection.

Zi Collection necklaces are $25 each and, as always with Paparazzi necklaces, come with a free pair of matching earrings. For more information on each piece or to order, click the name or the main photo to be taken to the Paparazzi website.

Zi Collection Signature Series

From February to May 2019, Paparazzi consultants had a chance to be one of 10 to model their very own Zi Collection piece at the annual Convention held in Las Vegas in July. That’s right, winners of the Paparazzi Rock the Runway contest walked the catwalk in a Zi Collection piece named after them. These are the Zi Collection Signature Series pieces. I had the opportunity to purchase these pieces during Convention and I’M. IN. LOVE! When I saw The Ramee in person I KNEW I had to have it. I left Vegas with one of each of the Zi Collection Signature Series pieces in my luggage.

(Note: There are 10 pieces in the Signature Series, however one is currently sold out as of the publication of this post. I will come back to add it when it’s back in stock.)

The Ramee


The Natasha



The Leanne



The Kellyshea



The Taylorlee


The Lauren


The Monica



The Erika



The Heather



Zi Collection

During the Convention in Vegas, consultants were not able to purchase the second half of the Zi Collection, but we did get a sneak peek. The crowd went WILD when we saw these necklaces being modeled. You can understand why, right? Paparazzi stylists outdid themselves! There are a few elements of Zi Collection pieces that we see each year (pearls, turquoise, beads) but I love how they make it different each year. *swoon*






























These pieces are GORGEOUS, amirite? Let me know down in the comments which piece is your favorite!

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