The year was 2016. I had just spent thousands of dollars to become a consultant for a popular clothing company and there were A LOT of us. (It took me 3 months after submitting my paperwork to actually be onboarded because the company had gotten so popular.)  I was looking for a way to differentiate myself from all of the other tens of thousands of consultants. In the meantime, I kept being added to (and removing myself from) a Facebook group where a Facebook friend was selling Paparazzi. And then a light bulb turned on.

I could “kitnap” Paparazzi and use the pieces as either customer gifts or styling props. When you kitnap a direct sales business, you sign up for the purpose of getting their starter kit (which can be priced substantially lower than their value) or the ongoing consultant discount. After taking a loan against my retirement account to start the clothing business (yes, I did that – no, you shouldn’t) and waiting in angst for over 13 weeks to become an actual consultant… I had questions.

I spoke with the Facebook friend who eventually became my sponsor and liked what I heard.

Keep reading to find out why I joined Paparazzi.

Why I Joined Paparazzi

  • I could sign up to get a 45% discount on already inexpensive jewelry. I wasn’t really interested in selling at the time, so I wasn’t really concerned with profit. I was simply trying to figure out the best way to make an impact on my customers for the lowest cost possible.
  • I wouldn’t have to meet a monthly ordering/sales minimum unless I was building a team and wanted to make a commission. I wasn’t interested in building a team or making a commission at the time and the company I had just started required us to place a minimum order of 300 items per month, so I was grateful to know I didn’t have to budget for two.
  • Paparazzi would provide a free website that would be ready to start taking orders immediately after signing up. If I did decide to sell, I could start making money before I ever got my starter kit.
  • I wouldn’t have to pay any monthly or annual fees. Some companies charge a monthly or annual membership fee and some companies charge a website fee. Paparazzi charges neither.
  • The jewelry was actually pretty cute. I didn’t want to send people crap for the sake of sending them something. The pieces were things I would actually not only wear but be excited to receive.
  • The jewelry is lead and nickel free, so I didn’t feel guilty about sending items to customers that might cause an allergic reaction.

Why I Stayed With Paparazzi

I’ve long since left the clothing biz for many reasons but decided to stick it out with Paparazzi despite having only signed up because of the clothes in the first place.

  • The price point is amazing and the quality doesn’t suffer even with the lower price. Unlike other companies that I’ve been with, it’s not taxing on customers’ wallets.
  • New pieces are released every weekday. Seriously, every Monday – Friday around 3pm Eastern every Paparazzi consultant stops what they’re doing to jump online to see what just dropped.
  • It’s jewelry. There’s not much effort needed to “educate” customers on the value to justify the price tag or teach them how to use it. This makes it much easier to sell.
  • The leadership is AMAZING. I have several BOSS WOMEN in my upline, some of the top consultants in the company. They freely share their knowledge and experience with the team so that we can all win.
  • Even more special to me, a lot of the women at the top of the company are women of color. If you know much about direct sales, there are not a lot of women of color in direct sales and definitely not many at the top of their company. Watching the announcements roll in and seeing women of color ranking up and making bank makes me tear up a little. #representationmatters
  • The jewelry gets better and better every year. I can’t tell you how many times my mouth hit the floor when the new fall items were being previewed at Convention. They keep raising the bar and jumping right over it.

Why YOU Should Join Paparazzi

Listen. Sis. I’m not going to be the one that tells you that you should start a business so that you can make easy full-time income with part-time work. Running a business is just that: running a business. It takes work, and your income potential is limited only to how much work you put into it. Okay. Now that we’ve gotten out of the way, joining Paparazzi definitely has it’s benefits.

  • Diversity and inclusion. Representation. Matters. This is very important to me, which is why I’ve mentioned it twice now. Not only are many Paparazzi consultants women and men of color, but Paparazzi uses women and men of color as models too. This is HUGE. I’ve been with many direct sales companies over the years and there’s usually a struggle to feel included. I’ve never felt that way with Paparazzi, and I hope you won’t either.
  • Meet new people. Many women start and thrive in direct sales businesses because of the relationships formed with fellow team members and customers. Paparazzi is no different. There are so many amazing people within the organization, from the founders to corporate employees to consultants. My sponsor, who was once just somebody on Facebook, is now a really great friend of mine.
  • Build your leadership skills and gain confidence as a leader if you choose to build a team. You’ll have to manage your downline: provide training, learn about their goals, and help them meet those goals.
  • Survive on sales. Yes, Paparazzi does have a team-building component, but it’s not completely necessary to be successful. If you don’t want to build a team, focus on making sales.
  • You can earn additional income to help pay bills, save for retirement, pay for your kid’s education, go on vacation, or whatever other goals you want to reach.
  • You can earn income ANYWHERE. Paparazzi pieces are easy to carry and “bling bags” are a great conversation starter. You can make sales in the grocery store, in the hair salon, at work, etc.
  • You have the freedom to work your business how you see fit… within the policies and procedures, of course. If you choose to go the traditional route and only sell in person, you can do that. If you choose to sell only online, you can do that too. Only want to work while the kids are at school or asleep? *cue Bobby Brown* That’s your prerogative. It’s your business.
  • You’ll have a reason to party with tens of thousands of your closest friends in Vegas at the Annual Convention. 🙂

If you’re ready to join Paparazzi Accessories, click here to join my team. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or use the Contact page to send me a message.