When you think of Paparazzi Accessories, you probably only think of women’s jewelry. However, we’ve always had a little something, something up our sleeves for the fellas.

The Uniquely Urban line is Paparazzi’s unisex offering, however it’s often referred to as the men’s jewelry line. The necklaces and bracelets in the collection have historically been made of leather, beads, braids, and studs so the men in our life could be stylish too.

However, a lot of our brothers in fashion often wanted more. When I would set up at vendor events, I would often be asked by men attendees if I had anything for them. I’d show them my Uniquely Urban collection of leather wraps and braided necklaces and they’d tell me that it just wasn’t their style. Y’all, I even got chastised by a man for not having a better selection for male customers because the design aesthetic of the original pieces were pretty “taste specific” (I learned that phrase from HGTV.)

The Paparazzi family (including the MOP – Men of Paparazzi) begged for new, different pieces that the men can proudly rock.

Well Paparazzi Gawds have heard our cries!

Huge news was announced at Paparazzi’s annual Convention in July! The extended Uniquely Urban line has DROPPED – and it includes chains and rings! More pieces will roll out soon.

The Game CHAIN-ger, Take It To The Bank, and Checkmate were all announced and released at Convention.

When the extended line was announced the sound was deafening in the SOLD OUT MGM Garden Arena. The men were especially excited to finally have had their voices heard.

My favorite thing about the line is the rings. They don’t have the typical look of Paparazzi rings, but they’re still stretchy and they’re made to look like a solid band.

The bestest best things about the new Uniquely Urban pieces, though? They’re still $5, still lead and nickel free, and they still look good on women! Because, sis, I’m rocking my chains, ok! We call Uniquely Urban the men’s jewelry line and use male models but the pieces are designed for anybody to wear!

To shop my current selection of the Uniquely Urban line, visit my Jewelry Box. Make sure you check back often as new items will be added as they come in.