I mentioned in a previous post that I’m all about statement necklaces. Some people live for the smaller, more dainty and understated jewelry – but I like my pieces to stand out and command attention. Today I’m sharing with five of my favorite current statement necklaces.

The Ramee:

Do I even have to explain? When this piece was debuted at Convention I KNEW it had to come home with me. No questions. I have very few gold pieces in my collection, but The Ramee definitely found a place. The Ramee is part of the 2019 Zi Collection, and is a longer version of The Donnalee from the 2018 Zi Collection.

Long gold fringe Zi Collection necklace on black leather bust with white background. Click here to purchase The Ramee.



It was hard to not make this list all Zi Collection pieces because they’re all so good this year. Can you blame me? Hello, do you see the gorgeousness that is Mesmerize?? Now this is what I call a statement necklace.

Click here to purchase Mesmerize.


Miss YOU-niverse

I don’t have any hard proof but I’m pretty sure Queen Regina wore this necklace in an early episode of Once Upon A Time. This is one of my OG favorite statement necklaces from Paparazzi. It was one of the first pieces I purchased after I signed up. I always keep this necklace handy!

Click here to purchase Miss YOU-niverse.

Spellbinding Sparkle:

Spellbinding Sparkle was introduced at Convention in 2018 and the crowd went wild! I love wearing this necklace short by wrapping the chain around my neck for a double chain effect.

Click here to purchase Spellbinding Sparkle.

What A Gem:

The thing I love most about What A Gem is that it shows that a piece doesn’t necessarily have to be in your face to make a statement. I was at an event once and What A Gem was the last piece I put on my display set up. Immediately I had at least four women come to my table from across the room because they wanted this necklace. A statement indeed.

Click here to purchase What A Gem.

Which is your favorite? Are you a fan of statement necklaces? Let me know in the comments!